May 19, 2009

Pediatric Stroke Awareness

When posting pictures of my kids, it always makes me think of a family that I met thru mutual friends that have been going thru a difficult time with their newest family member. The Oritz family welcomed little Jude last September. Unfortunately, Jude had a stroke while in Jenn's tummy and has had a tough time with seizures. Yes babies have strokes too! You can check out the day to day struggles they face on her blog. Jude; The diary of a baby and a stroke. On my sidebar is a sweet picture link that will take you there. I have to give props to Jenn and her family for the great strength they have shown since Jude was born. She and Mike are amazing parents and have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure Jude, and other kids like him, have as normal a life as possible. Jude's older sister, Emily, too has helped with raising money and spreading the word about Pediatric Stroke Awareness.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I have two healthy kids at home when there are alot of other families in the world that don't. I am just amazed at the determination that Jennifer and her family has had in making sure Jude has access to every opportunity available. You are an inspriration to me to be a better mother! Thanks!

Please support Pediatric Stroke Awareness!


  1. you know what? sometimes i feel guilty, too, about being so blessed with kids and grandkids who are in good health...but i don't think we should feel that way...we should just be thankful for it and help others in need...just like you are doing with your post...☺

    i think that's one of the reasons i'm so interested in all things having to do with finding a cure for breast cancer - because my mom has had it...

    off to read jude's story...♥

  2. You are so very sweet to post this, I am honored. Somehow I missed this the other day. It's so great that you are helping spread awareness about pediatric strokes. I normally hear "kids can have strokes", from many people including doctors. Although there are factors that contribute to in utero strokes, most (like Jude) have no known cause. There is however plenty we can do to protect our children from strokes once they are For great information check out this site,

    Again, thank you for the compliment. Trust me I have my days!!! You are a wonderful mother for hugging your kiddos close. Some people just expect that everything will be perfect. You are amazing not to take them for granted. Many many hugs

  3. Ps ~ I agree not to ever feel guilty!!! Just love your kiddo's and be thankful for them.

    Blessings ~ Jenn


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