May 07, 2009

We get keys today!!

So..we are moving! And today is "get the keys" day! YAY! I'm not so excited about not being fully packed for this move, but I am super excited to go from a 2 story back to a 1 story. With a 3 month old, this will really help my knees. Dad was coming this morning to take back possession of the piano since we won't have room for it in the new place. The real movers are coming on the 13th. But we are getting a Uhaul to move the little stuff this Saturday.

My daughter Emma has been such a big help with packing. She's almost 8 and is a great big sister. She has really helped to keep me motivated to get stuff packed up even when I'm exhausted from working all day and coming home to take care of little Malek (Smacky Mak). He's such a good sport about it too, being shuffled from one room to the other while we get everything packed up. My mom is a huge help too. There is just something about having her over at the house that gives me the motivation to get stuff done too. She doesn't even have to be actually helping me, just having her presence is enough. Mostly because we talk non-stop the whole time. Makes the time go alot faster. Plus she is big help with entertaining Malek. We are so fortunate to have her take care of him during the day while we work.

Well in the midst of all the packing chaos, Malek got himself a new Bumbo chair. Doesn't he look cute! The hubs was insistent that he was too young but he looks to be sitting up just fine on his own.

Big THANKS!!! to Rachel for the shout out on her blog. She was the one who gave me the bloggin' bug! Thanks Rachel!! Also Thanks to Robin for posting as my first official Follower!! Thanks a bunch Robin - I'll start following your blog too. Quilt bloggers are the best!

Til tomorrow....


  1. good luck on the move! your little one is too cute in his bumbo chair...

  2. Welcome to Blogland. I found your blog via Rachels. Isn't she the best.

  3. Yeah for blogland!! It is ton of fun out here. Rachel can be so inspiration, can't she? Looking forward to reading your thoghts :)

  4. i SO know what you mean about your mom just being there making it easier.
    i wish me & my momma lived closer.

    you kiddos are too cute!!!
    and how sweet that your daughter is your big helper.
    {my son jackson is about to be 8, so they are around the same age.}

    and seriously...i ♥ my bloggy pals, you'll ♥ them too!!!


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