May 28, 2009

Making Progress, Rolling Over and the Attempt at Rice Cereal

As promised, although later than I wanted...Here area couple of pictures of the "progress" that I've made in our quilting nook. As you can see, Malek was a big help.

We had so much fun that morning. Sister Emma was at Nana's house spending the night with her cousins so it was just me and the little dude. He had a great time "helping" momma while we be-bopped to some great tunes and unpacked fabric.

This is Emma's sewing station at the little white desk looking out to the side yard. That little desk has had a good 8 years with us. Finding it on someone's curb about 8 years ago, it served as a changing table (once purple to match the nursery) when Emma was a baby and is now where she sews and does her arts and crafts, as well as the ocassional homework (ha).

And this is my sewing area. I'll have to take more pictures once it's all put away and everything is in it's place.

So guess what Mr. Malek learned this past weekend?? Yep you guessed it - he rolled over on Saturday and before he even turned 4 months! Man, he's doing stuff ALOT sooner than Miss Emma ever thought about doing. Guess I need to bust out that Home Safety kit we got at the baby shower pretty soon. Before we know it, he will be rollin' and crawlin' all over the place getting into who knows what! I hope the video plays. Y'all (yes, I'm from Texas) let me know if it doesn't.

And if that wasn't crazy enough....we started him on rice cereal last night. You see, he's got reflux (bad) so we took him to a super nice Pediatric Gastroenterologist yesterday. Well, he's been on Zantac for almost 2 months and will continue to be on it for awhile til he stops spitting up such large amounts of formula. So to help weigh things down in his little tummywe started him on rice cereal. So we "attempted" some last night. See for's going to take a couple more days before he's got the hang of it. Or maybe weeks.... Luckily, they aren't too concerned because he's putting on weight - yeah almost 6 pounds since he was born! Born 9 lbs 4 oz, he's now up to 14 lbs 8 oz and has grown from 20" to 25 3/4"! He's going to be a tall boy just like his sister and momma. Sorry Babe - you're going to be the short one after all. All of the "married-ins" to our family are short - strange! With each bite, he kept leaning further and further back in that chair.

He's obviously had enough. By the time it was all said and done, he had it all over his face, the bar and me. This is his "How much more of this crap do I have to choke down" face.

Well, I'm off to attempt the rice cereal trick again. Wish me luck! Have a great night!


  1. awww.
    yall are getting there.

  2. Love your sewing space. So cute that Emma has her own space and machine. That's great!


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