May 08, 2009


Home Sweet New Home!

So we went over and met the landlord last night. He's super nice and I know we are going to love living here. We are leasing this time around. Just not ready to get "tricked" over the taxes again(unfortunate long story). Anyway, it's in a lovely neighborhood back over in a part of town where most of my family lives. Namely my mom & brother! Now we're only 4.3 miles apart instead of 17. And, Emma will be attending the elementary school where my sister in law teaches at. That will be awesome just knowing she will have a personal connection with the new school. And one of her little friends on her soccer team goes there too. She is actually in my SIL's class this year and absolutely loves her! Luckily Emma makes friends very quickly and has been to enough schools that moving again doesn't seem to phase her.

So I'm just curious....what do you do when you are feeling a little down? Me? I go fabric shopping! It makes me smile and puts me in such a good mood. Here is what I picked up on my last adventure to my local Joann's.
These will be for some super cute pillowcases that I learned to make thru a tutorial at Mary's blog. I'll post some of the ones I've already made next week. They are super easy and make great gifts for any holiday! I made several for Christmas presents this past year while I was awaiting the birth of Malek. They made up just quick enough for me to sit in one position without being too uncomfortable.

I also picked up these fun fabrics. They will be for a throw quilt for my mom. Flamingos you ask? Well, it's a long story but my mother has always wanted some to stick in her yard
and I personally think they would have looked a smidge tacky. Now this way, she can have her "Flamino Fix"(oh what a cute name for the quilt!) and the neighbors don't have to know! :-)

Well....wish me luck! Moving day starts tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Love the new fabric. I too like to fabric shop. Congrats on the house and don't work to hard moving. I hate moving.

  2. Hey... cool. Now I have three to follow! And I just LOVE the house, you will be so much happier in your "own" neighborhood.

  3. I admire the fact that you sew and quilt. I attempted sewing, and actually made Em's halloween costume. Let's just say it's really good it was halloween and she was a zombie cheerleader because the costume was not put together right! ha ha.

  4. cute, cute place!!!
    sounds like it's going to work out well.

    cute fabrics.
    i like the the one in the bottom pic, all the way to the left.


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