August 06, 2010

Giveaway Win

So with temps here in TX between 105-110 the past couple of days. it's just too hot to even think about going outside to take those great outdoor shots of my quilts. But last night I sucked it up and went forth! As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was the winner of Rachel's giveaway (p.s.iquilt) from her sponsor Rachel @ Quilter Girl. So without further is the GORGEOUS little quilt that I won!! Can you hear the giddyness in my typing?!?!? It's so sweet and looks perfect in my house!

The stitching on the back is with a beautiful verigated thread and is amazing up close. The perfect little home for this beauty!


  1. What do you mean - 100 the last couple of days? It's been a week seems to me, and KDFW promised another full week this morning! *frown*
    What a fantastic little quilt! Rachel did really well! I've never seen that pattern before; it would be perfect for my round tables! So would the colors! So ------ well? -------- Oh, I guess you wouldn't want to do that! Shucks! ---"Love"


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