April 27, 2010


Does anyone else have this same problem???
Right after I leave a comment on SEVERAL of my FAVORITE blogs, it starts opening about a ZILLION new internet windows. It goes on a rampage I tell ya! On and on and on and on!!! And trying to exit out of them is next to impossible. Has this happened to anyone else? I can still read them, but now have to miss out on commenting about great quilt projects, or cute grandkid pics or entering their fabulous giveaways! Man am I steamed! So if you haven't seen me comment in a while, it's not because I don't love ya and read your blogs daily (because I do), it's because there's a gremlin in my computer that doesn't WANT me to comment.


April 26, 2010

Look who's got a new DO!

No quilting this weekend. We had out final soccer game, a cookout at Grandpa's house (my dad) and did a whole lotta unpacking boxes!!! Finally - and we've only been there a year! My mom is so inspiring. Just her being there gave me the willpower to finally tackle ALOT of boxes. She did alot too. Thanks Mom!

But in more important news.....Malek got a real BIG BOY HAIRCUT!! I do miss the curls, but how HANDSOME is he I ask???

He seems to look a little worried about how much she's taking off over the ears.

Wish us luck today! Emma goes back to the orth dr to see about taking her cast off! Let's hope it's all healed and we can get back to normal life!

Happy Monday!

April 12, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets

As promised.....one of the best things about living in Texas.... Bluebonnets!

April 08, 2010

Hate Candle Smoke Smell? TRY THIS STUFF!!

Does your house have that not so fresh smell lately? Whether it's from the dog, kids, husband or just everyday wear and tear, have I got a solution for you! My good buddy Jennifer is selling the latest and greatest stuff called Scentsy. Her mom got me hooked on it and now I'm so done with burning candles. This stuff smells sooooo good! I've got a couple of the plug-ins and one of the mid-size warmers (I actually have the one on the cover below!)and my 1800 sq foot house never smelled better. And the best thing of all, besides, not having to deal with the stinky smell of when you blow out candles, it's non-toxic and so kid friendly!

So do me a favor and go check out her website and look around. These make great Mother's Day presents!! (hint hint hubs....not like he reads this anyway) It's very reasonably priced and the lovely smells last up to 80 hours just off of one little wax block! And they've got like oodles of different scents. You could even mix them to create your own good smellin' creations. My favorite scents are Clean Breeze, Perfectly Pomegranate & Cinnamon Bear. Yum!! These great smells also come in room sprays, travel tins and little "hang anywheres". I got a couple of those hanger ones and put in the kids closets and man does it smell good in there now!

Here's her link. Go look around. Buy a couple. Book a party! Have fun!


Thanks quilty friends!!

April 07, 2010

April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

I finally finished my Quilts For Kids quilt that I first blogged about here. It tells all the details on how you too can make a quilt for a deserving child. It's all washed and dried and ready to be sent off to some lucky kiddo!
We had a great Easter weekend. The kids hunted for eggs more than once. Well, Emma did anyway. Malek was more interested in busting them open and kicking them around all over the livingroom. He was REALLY into the "grass" in his basket. Note to self.....skip the grass next year. I'm finding it in the weirdest places!

I cooked for my mom and grandmother. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and cheesecake (walmart however cooked this - delish!).
I think Malek was going on about 6 hours of straight being awake in this photo - hence the open mouth yawning. He finally crashed out after we did the egg hunt.

BEFORE our nice long Easter weekend....Emma tripped at school last Wednesday and somehow landed on her knee but not before her left thumb slipped under it and broke. First broken bone. Hey at least she waited til she was almost 9. Stitches were at 2 1/2 though. Anyway, we go tomorrow to the ortho dr to see what's next. She's been sporting that fashionable blue splint type thing ever since. So I've had to help her bathe and dress.....man I forgot how easy it was only doing that on one kid! Now I've got two to contend with in those departments. She's been a real good sport about it. She's really wanting a turquoise cast or hot pink.

Things were very pleasant with a 3 day weekend....Easter went off without a hitch.....then Monday hit. See photo below. Malek got into a tangle with the magazine rack and apparently lost. Said rack is highlighted in this photo.
I just noticed, not only did it hit his eye, it clipped his little nose and his big toe on his left foot. Mom said he only cried for a few minutes and then was back up playing like nothing was wrong. All boy!

Have a great week! I've got TONS of sewing projects to get to. Oh and of course Texas Bluebonnet pictures!!! Here is last year's picture. He was so tiny!