January 17, 2011

Big Thanks!!

A HUGE THANKS goes out to Jen at MissPunkiePie! She helped this less-computer savy girl change her background on the ol' blog! Now that I know how, I might change it up more often. Just trying this one out for grins since Valentine's Day is coming up....Never know - might change it tomorrow to something else. Anyway - that is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders - thanks again Jen.

So my long weekend turned into a weekend of sick parents, sick kids, and tons of laundry. Stomach virus can go now - thank you very much. But in between all of the madness, I did manage to get this little top finished and ready to be quilted. It's a baby quilt for my boss's daughter who is expecting a baby boy in April. All of the fabrics came from my stash! YES! And the backing is a cute sheet that I purchased awhile back from a local thrift store that will match perfectly. Sadly I didn't think to take a picture of it. Oh well - when it's done I will. But it's white with tan, brown, navy and light blue skinny stripes. Should be very cute.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly glad to be at work today - away from all the fever and throwing up. Does that make me a bad mom? 4 days was enough. Momma loves you Em & Malek! You too Daddy!


  1. The little quilt is really going to be cute; love those sassy dogs! And no, you are not a bad mom! There's always going to be some days when you just want to get away! Sounds like you earned yours the hard way! Hope everyone is feeling better soon! ---"Love"

  2. Your tumblers are adorable...nope..doesn't make you a bad mom at all...we all need to escape once in a while especially when we are held prisoner to the toilet bowl clean up and laundry duty. Hope everyone is well.

  3. Oh my that sounds like no fun at all! Nope, you're not a bad mom at all!! I love the quilt :) ~Christine

  4. You're welcome! Very cute quilt top too!! I would be happy to be at work too. You need the break from the madness. I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!


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