January 06, 2011


Emma - circa Halloween 2004 (no reason - just cuz she was so darn cute)

So what are your thoughts on swaps? I've only done a couple of block swaps but never a whole (doll) quilt swap. But everytime I see the results on all those "popular" blogs, it makes me a little jealous that I wasn't in on it. Until now. I just signed up for my first Doll Quilt swap over with Christine at Once Upon a Quilt. It should be starting up soon and I'm super excited. She's already scheduled 2 swaps and maybe more after that if we are still interested.

So this got me to wondering.......would any of you out there like to do a swap? Maybe something small scale, say a mug rug swap or a block swap? If so, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts and I'll get the ball rolling. I need something to keep me in the quilty mood because it's a proven fact that quilting reduces your blood pressure and helps you sleep better. And we know I could use some of both!


  1. I'll swap! I love swaps! I've had pretty good luck with them. There was only one time I was disappointed in what I got in return.

  2. You're right! She was darn cute! Still is!
    I'm going to pass on the swap, but I am determined to make some mug rugs to be ready for Christmas next year with my church quilters. I missed that party this year because of my foot, but I want to be ready next year. ---"Love"


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