January 10, 2011

The Machine Is Up and Running

WOW - first off - snow in Texas!! Not much, but enough to cause excitement in our house with the little ones. We even got to build a fire last night!! That was alot of fun. Didn't have marshmellows for s'mores though - darn. Next time!
I finally got my booty in gear and while Malek took a nap Saturday. I tackled my sewing room nightmare. Here are the after results. I am so glad I finally put on my big girl panties and tackled it. Gives me such a sense of calm to start new projects in a somewhat more organized environment.

For some odd reason, I woke up Sunday morning with my gut telling me I NEEDED to make one of these clever little plastic bag holders. So I did! So quick and simple.

I was also able to finish one of the last of my Christmas projects for my aunt. Matching pillows to go with the first quilt my mom ever made. I didn't get to see her over the holidays so finishing them late wasn't too much pressure on me. Hope to see her soon though. I'm sure she will love them.

And this little pile of pretty is a project for my step-mother's birthday next month! So far 2011 - I'm on schedule!!!

So it's Monday - Stella's got her groove back and let the sewing continue!!


  1. We always loved it when we got snow in Texas...enjoy the fire.

    Love your pretties...can't wait to see what you make for you MIL.

    The pillows are adorable.

  2. You got a little more snow than we did a few miles south. I should have had a fire place put in the sunroom! Oh well! Those reds are sure 'nuf pretty! Now could you send some of your motivation this direction? I need it today! ---"Love"

  3. NICE! Clean sewing room and some projects already done. you go girl!

  4. okay i'm laughing at "put on my big girl panties." a clean room does feel good doesnt' it? maybe i should follow suit!


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