May 20, 2011

For Nancy

I know I've shown this quilt before, but today I wanted to share it again because today I received an email that my friend that I made this for, has took a turn for the worse with her brain tumor and has now had to enter hospice. It's not fair! She's the sweetest person you'll ever meet. Never a negative word ever passed her lips in all the years I worked with her. Always a smile and a laugh. She, like me, is a big Mary Engelbreit fan and when I first heard of her illness, I knew she'd have a tough road ahead of her and that a quilt might bring her a bit of comfort or at least know that I was thinking about her at this trying time. It's just a simple disappearing 9 patch that I added a topper to with letters that I free-handed in true Mary Engelbreit-ish style.
I saw this saying once and I thought it was so appropriate for her.

I guess the most important thing that I learned while making this is that as long as I made this for her, she'd always know that I cared no matter where either of us were.

So with a heavy heart, I leave you with my most special quilt ever made - Friends.

And because I like to be a follower of the masses, I'm also taking the plunge and entering this quilt in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival that Amy at Amy's Creative Side is hosting.


  1. This is such a treasure for your friend. It is a great quilt.

  2. No doubt the quilt is a great comfort for your friend, and no doubt you will be comforted too, just knowing that you share such a special friendship with her. It truly is a special quilt! ---"Love"

  3. Hi Jennifer, its a beautiful quilt. Friendship holds a special bond and your quilt showed that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nothing like wrapping a true friend in love.


  5. I'm sorry to hear of the worsening condition of your friend and will pray that maybe she can get a miracle. Your quilt is a very special gift from the heart. Thank you for sharing the quilt and your thoughts about your friend, too.

  6. Beautiful quilt for a dear friend. My thoughts are with her.


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