May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Babe!

Babe - that's what I've always called my husband. For the longest time Emma actually THOUGHT that WAS his name!

Anyway, with the "help" of the kids, I made this little quilt for my husband for his birthday, which is today. Kindof corny for a man, but he was very happy with it because it had something to do with his kids and the fact that I made it for him. I think it finished out at about 12" x 14".

So - Happy Birthday Babe - Dinner tonight at the Candlelite Inn!! Whoo hoo. Gotta get there before they close on the 15th next month. Best place in Arlington, TX to eat. The only place you can get a steak, Mexican AND Italian food all in one place! After 54 years of business, it's about to close. All thanks to the big bad COWBOY STADIUM. Hope someone comes in and buys it so that this long standing iconic restaurant can stay open for another 54 years! My parents used to take us there when we were kids. It was my dad's first job. He was a busboy. I had an aunt that waitressed there for many years. Zack and I started going there when we were dating and after we had Emma. It's a great family place with great food (oh and super cute little juke boxes in the booths!). Now we will introduce Malek to it's fabulousness. And it's super cheap too. Bonus!!

Candlelite Inn - you will be missed.


  1. Cute project! How do you come up with all your great ideas? You are so creative! I'm glad hubby likes it. I love your color coordination for the picture too. Everyone has on aqua with a touch of chartreuse somewhere. *grin* I've never been to Candlelite Inn, but I hate when favorite places close! Cowboy Stadium "fixed" a lot of things, didn't it? ---"Love"

  2. Love the quilt - great job!!!

  3. Cute cute gift for Dad. I love it!


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