May 12, 2011

NEW baby quilt blocks

So I WAS going to make my co-worker's baby quilt out of the Origins tumbler blocks that I posted about here. BUT....they just found out they are having a BOY, so I wanted to make something that really screamed BOY. SO, I finally took the plunge and decided to make their baby quilt out of the Whirlygig block! SO fun and EASY PEESY!! I love how it looks so far. I just LOVE the marble fabric! (I've been hoarding it for a while now, like I do ALOT of my fabrics.) And it's for a baby boy, so marbles are so appropriate. But is the black too much? Does it need shashing in between? And if so, what color do you suggest? I'm still playing with it. Maybe I should put them on point? Oh the choices......

These things are like Lay's potato chips, you just can't make one! I whipped up 7 of them last night while I watched my Felicity DVD's. I'm 41 and living vicariously thru the lives of those college kids. It so wasn't like that when I was in college. Watching that show, I can sew for hours!!

Well, I'm sure I'll be making more blocks tonight! Let me know what you think.


  1. I LOVE the marbles! Hadn't seen that before! And the black really sets them off perfectly! You know boys; they will get the quilt dirtier than girls, so I think the black will be just fine. I've never made that pattern, but it appears to me that if you use sashing, you will lose the effect of the black whirlagigs optical illusion. I like it just like it is! ---"Love"

  2. The marble fabric is great for a boy and like Love said, the black makes it clear that is meant to be used, not put on a shelf to preserve. Looks great!

  3. I love that fabric, too, for a boy quilt and it looks great on the black. I am thinking I'd probably put sashing...maybe the bright blue that is in the marbles would be a good color for sashing?

  4. Do you have any solid blue or red to fake a sashing for visual sake; just to see how it would look? I thought sashing would be good but then "Love" makes a valid point, you'll lose the optical illusion. Either way, I think the black is fab with the marbles. Great choice!

  5. I'm glad your blog is back too! I still love those marbles! ---"Love"

  6. Just have to add this! Remember when APQ kept repeating my blog? Looks like the same thing has happened to you. *grin* ---"Love"


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