February 15, 2010

Back to reality....

This is how Malek waited out the snow. Cookies and milk snuggled under the quilt Emma made him for his birthday watching tv - cooking shows I believe.

Here is one of the workshops in our backyard. When it was all said and done, I think we were around 13 inches! So much for the 1-2 inches the weather lady predicted! It was just beautiful.

Here is a shot standing in our garage looking down the street. Notice the car parked across the way......
Here it was as of Friday morning........All you can see is a tiny bit of the door panel.
I am feeling much better so thanks to you all who sent your well wishes! I did feel better and managed to work on a little baby quilt over the weekend. Not much else to do with a foot of snow on the ground! I even machine quilted it myself! I took a chance and decided it couldn't be all that hard to just quilt some straight lines. Well, it is my first attempt so don't judge me too harshly. I'll post pictures when I get the binding sewn down - hopefully in the next day or two. I was pretty impressed with myself, but I'll let you guys decide.
Until then....it's a sunny Monday here in Texas at a whopping 33 degrees!


  1. That is a LOT of snow for your area. We have had more than 36 inches now this winter and we would usually get only about 6 inches all winter long. ENOUGH, already!!!

  2. Glad you're feeling better .... I was watching a weather segment and they blamed all the snow in the South on El Nino.

  3. I'd be happy to see out the winter just like Malek - especially the cookies and cooking shows part! Ann :-)

  4. I think Malek has the right idea about the snow. I am so done with this winter. After our blizzard last week we got another 2 inches today. Is it spring yet?! :) Christine

  5. I agree with Malek! I've snuggled under an afghan a time or two too when I got the chance! I so enjoyed the sunshine today! ---"Love"


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