February 09, 2010

Mamie's String Blocks

As promised....here are a couple of pictures of the string block quilt my grandmother made. I'm guessing it was made around 20+ years ago??? Just noticed that she doesn't lay her blocks out to make any particular pattern, got to remember to show her the diamond and x pattern. Maybe she laid them out this way on purpose. Who knows. She did however, hand quilt the entire thing in a clamshell pattern. I'm pretty sure she's hand quilted all of her quilts.
Since the kids are sick and I'm knocking on the door myself, my mother took all of the supplies my grandmother requested out to her last night. Her class is tomorrow so maybe by this weekend we will all be well enough to pay her a visit and see her latest project and post more pictures next week.

Bundle up and keep on quiltin'!


  1. It looks very pretty....cheery with the yellow sashing and all the scrappy colors. I hope you all feel better soon.

  2. What a charming quilt, and what a treasure it is! Stay in out of the cold this week, and stay well! ---"Love"

  3. Look at all that quilting! Wow! What a wonderful quilt :)

  4. Well done Grandma! It's such a lovely quilt. Hope you and the family are feeling better soon. Ann :-)

  5. It's a great string quilt and the fan quilting looks wonderful. Is it one she gave to you?


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