February 08, 2010

Nothing good.....so far

2 sick kids = no sewing this weekend. Bummer!
But good news is that my grandmother (Mamie) has requested me to get her some supplies together because SHE (84 yrs old) is going to teach some of her fellow nursing home residents how to make string block quilts....the old fashion way..... sewing by HAND onto paper backings. I was so excited when she told me they were starting a quilting class. She's so funny. She "just couldn't believe that someone would pay $20+ for that roll of fabric strips!" She was talking about a jelly roll. I told her that it was a little pricey but was well worth it for convenience of having all the strips pre-cut and colors coordinated together.
So I'll post some pictures when she's got some blocks together. I have one of her string block quilts that I'll post pictures of sometime this week too. She likes to make them about 4-5" each and then sew them into 4 patches with sashing between each of those.
So....until then...pray the antibiotics kick in soon.


  1. Sorry the kids are sick, but I think it's exciting news about your Grandmother! Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall (well, maybe not a fly in the nursing home!), so you could watch and hear her as she instructs the other ladies? Wish you could work a deal with the staff and get a video made secretly, at least for your own family to keep. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!! I do hope we can see some pictures. ---"Love"

  2. Hope everyone gets well soon. I'll look forward to seeing photos of your grandmother's quilts.

  3. I hope the kids feel better soon. The string quilts with your grandma sound like so much fun, can't wait to see them.


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