February 02, 2010

Burst of Quilting Energy!

And a big burst it was! I was up til 11 - again - finishing up some projects that have been safely tucked away on my shelves for Y.E.A.R.S! Embarrassing I know. At least the tops are done and will shortly be on their way to the quilters!
The first one was made for my mother 2 years ago for her birthday. Sorry Mom it's taken so long to finish! I used Mary Johnson's Boxed Squares Pattern. She has a great tutorial here. The brown heart fabric is actually going to be the backing. I just laid the quilt top on it to make sure I made it big enough. I got this material extremely cheap ($2/yd) at Hancocks over a year ago. Actually, all of this came from Hancocks for between $1-$3 a yard! Talk about a bargain, but is still good quality fabric.

Then....I finally got the borders on this next quilt. Back when I started this project, oh say 3 years ago......I ran into a bump when I ran out of one of the fabrics and couldn't do the checkerboard on all four sides. Therefore, I wasn't sure how to finish of the border on all sides so I set it aside.....for 3 years. Bad I know. I finally crashed through my "issue" with not having the same border on all sides and just decided that checkerboard was fine on the top and bottom and plain strips on the sides. I'm dealing and it's going to be ok. I've already put a call into my quilting therapist to talk me down off the ledge! haha I am quite pleased with the results.

This one is for my husband Zack. He and Emma have always had a very special bond and I knew that I wanted to make him a special "Daddy/Daughter" quilt using pictures of them throughout the years, or at least until she was about 6 when this quilt was supposed to be done. I bought him the cutest little book back when Emma was a little baby about Daddys raising daughters and found several little sayings that truly fit their relationship. Somehow I managed to narrowed it down to 11. I love how the grey fabric looks like olives which is HUGE love of both of theirs.

A couple of nights ago I made this special order tag raggie. Love the bright colors. It's basically 4 of the regular sized ones that I've made before. Will be making a couple more to put in the Grapevine store.

Well, that's all I've got for now! Take care!


  1. Way to go! Your mother's quilt is quite striking, and Emma's ..... I mean, your husband's, is definitely unique and will become a family heirloom! Those little tag raggies are so cute; why had I never heard of them until yours? ---"Love"

  2. What a wonderful quilt for Emma and your hubby!! I bet that will be a popular one when she one day goes off to college. Your mom is going to love her quilt! :) Christine

  3. I think it was a great and useful burst of energy. Way to go! Love them all.

  4. Fantastic quilts and I love bargain fabric! The raggy is adorable - cute monster fabric. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

  5. Both quilts are wonderful -- I like how you arranged the boxed squares in diagonal rows of color.

  6. Great quilts..and all the memories in the daddy/daughter one really make that special. So nice to find your blog.

  7. Lovely quilts. Good for you for taking them out of hiding and finishing them! -Joanne


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