February 11, 2010

Great Texas Weather

Day 2 home sick....but at least I have a nice view....
Good ole' Texas Weather.

Stay warm!


  1. I hope you feel better soon!! The weather here has been down right ridiculous (around 2 feet of snow!) Check out my latest post- I received your goodies and I LOVE them!! Thank you again :) Christine

  2. Goodness! You got a lot more snow overnight than we did a few miles south of you; my grass wasn't totally covered; it's not as pretty as yours. But...snow is coming down in a fury right now! Stay warm, drink lots of liquids, and rest a lot --- when you aren't quilting! ;-) ---"Love"

  3. I'd bet your back yard looks very different tonight, about 14 hours since your pictures this morning! Mine certainly does; the trees are beautiful! I just hope they don't take the power lines down! It's still snowing here now, but the flakes aren't nearly so large. ---"Love"


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