October 28, 2010

Uncle Bud turns 44 & Making Our Christmas List

Happy Birthday Robert aka Uncle Bud!!

Monday my big brother turned 44! So last night we gathered for a little dinner and gift givin'. Of course I had to make him one of my ultra-cool steering wheel covers - ala skulls of course. Seems to double as a French beret too!

When we got home, the Toys R' Us Christmas Big Book had come in the mail. Immediately, the kids had it down on the footstool looking through all of it's greatness trying to choose everything they wanted for Santa to bring them this year.
Malek was REALLY into it.
Emma asking him which bike was his favorite. Little did I know that he was a little TOO into it. Too into it so much that he didn't let his daddy put a new diaper on him before they started looking through it!
Hope everyone has a safe & Happy Halloween this weekend.
Stay tuned until next week - Post #100 is a-comin' and so will a giveaway!!


  1. Malek will get even someday for that cute picture! *giggle* I never would have thought of using your new item for a French beret! Hope your kids enjoy this week-end and stay safe! ---"Love"

  2. LOL!! That is TOO funny! I was hoping for the TRU big book to hit my mailbox but I haven't seen it yet. I'm bummed. Looks like I'll have to take my Punk to the store and have her do her wishlist "live". Will make for a hard time to get her out of the store but I'll have to deal with that. LOL.


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